Questions: Tuesday, August 23

p. 86 – Is “N.C.M.I.A.” real?

Nett references  the NCOMIA: National Coalition of Minorities in America (p. 86). The closest thing I can find in real life is the NCMB: The National Coalition of Minority Businesses which is (was) a non-profit, Washington, DC-based advocacy group comprised of 60 minority CEOs in the 1990s.

p. 100 – Pearl says she’s 24 credits away from an Associate Degree.  How many credits does it typically take for an online Associate’s Degree?  Is that statement accurate? How many credits for a Bachelor’s?

Typically, an Associates is around 60 semester hours or 20 total 3-hour courses. Pearl, then, needs 8 more courses (24 credits): she’s a little over half way there.

Here’s a very informative, though somewhat dated (2002), article about two-year degrees and programs:

Bachelor degrees typically are around 120 semester hours (40 total 3-hour courses: 8 semesters with 5 courses per semester).

I don’t know if Pearl could have completed an online Associates when the play was first written in 1990; however, several companies such as DeVry and University of Phoenix offer them today.

Who are the activists in current day that Nett can relate to?

2012 National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Appr. 40% of all HIV/AIDS deaths in this country have been African-Americans.
Appr. 50% of all Americans living with HIV/AIDS today are African-American.

10 of America’s Most Daring Young Activists (from Campus Progress)